Mountain View Farm

Pasture raised... The way nature intended.

What We Offer



Grass-fed Black Angus beef in ground, brisket, filet, flank steak, burger patties, short ribs, sirloin, skirt steak, chuck roast, Delmonico, New York strip, chip steak, bones, heart, kidney, liver, marrow, oxtail, tendon, and tongue


Pastured pork in bacon, ground, chops, cubes, hot sausage, sweet sausage, shoulder roast and slice, ham end and slice, loin roast, chip steak, cube steak, spare ribs, and heart 


Pastured lamb in ground, chops, riblets, cubes, leg, shank, shoulder slice, leg steak, rack, heart, kidney, and liver


Pastured "pink" veal in ground, brisket, rib chops, cubes, cutlets, round steak, shank, tail, tongue, heart, and liver


Pastured Freedom Rangers, whole, and gizzards, livers, feet, and hearts

Where to Find Us

North Atherton Farmers Market

Every Saturday, come rain or shine, we are at the North Atherton Farmers Market at Home Depot in State College. Market hours are 10-2, May to November.

Pickup at the Farm

We are happy to sell you meat directly from the farm! All you have to do is call ahead to place an order and set up a pickup time.


We are open to shipping anywhere, any time. Contact us via email or phone and we will work with you to determine the best and cheapest options to ship your meats.