Mountain View Farm

Pasture raised... The way nature intended.

At Mountain View Farm, we are committed to pasture raising animals — no hormones or antibiotics and grass fed at all times. Quite simply put, we raise the kind of meats that we want to eat — Angus beef, Ranger chickens, pork, lamb, and humanely raised rose veal.

About the Farmers

Mountain View Farm is operated by the Shannon family, Susan and her husband Kerry. While Kerry is currently in Afghanistan, Susan runs the farm, with the help of her dad Vic and stepmother Karen. It truly is a team effort, and sometimes a few extra sets of hands are very much appreciated.

Vic and Karen started the farm in 2004 after retirement, with the idea that they would raise meat for themselves, and maybe just a little bit extra for family and friends. They were so successful at raising such great tasting meats that the demand grew. They began selling their products at local farmers markets. Susan and Kerry took over the operation at the end of 2014. The same commitment to quality remains.

Susan came to Mountain View Farm by way of the finance industry. She left a successful career in finance as a vice president at an international custodial bank in Boston, and now runs day-to-day operations at the farm. As a lifelong animal lover, she demands a high level of care for the animals on the farm. Their health and safety is of paramount concern. You can meet Susan at the North Atherton Farmers Market on Saturdays in State College, Pa.

Kerry's path to the farm is by way of the United States Army. He is currently a program manager based in Kabul, Afghanistan. After a 23-year Airborne career and several years in a war zone, he is ready for a less dangerous way of life.  He is proud to be helping the nation of Afghanistan rebuild, but is ready to settle down in Central Pennsylvania. Kerry is home periodically, and you just may meet him at the NAFM one Saturday.